The Sunday Cat considers agility competitions

“Cat agility training” looks like a redundant oxymoron; there can’t be many of those.  A French practice session:

And a bengal winner:

But the best video I saw can’t be embedded; you can see it here.  Coralie is 4  months old, and you’ll see her at various points in the cat show.

5 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat considers agility competitions

  1. Did you know that cats have agility competitions? Apparently, a lot of them seem to enjoy them. It might be good for overweight cats.

  2. It probably wasn’t so cool, but I went to a cat show at Madison Square Garden a few years ago, you know, just to see the kitties because I didn’t feel I could keep one in Manhattan. There, they had a set-up like this one, inside a giant cage enclosed on all sides (i.e. incl. overhead). The first cat came out to do his/her thing, and went crazy with what looked like terror, climbed to the top of the giant cage trying desperately to get out, got kind of hung up in the netting and looked in danger of injuring itself. I couldn’t watch. It was ghastly. The second cat that tried the agility course wouldn’t do anything its “trainer” wanted, as one would expect with a cat. Since then, I’m really pretty down on these things. Let’s face it, there are some things that you should NOT do with cats, and I wonder how many they had to film to get those clips.

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