The Sunday Cat does the cat paddle.

You may have thought you were doing the dog paddle, but maybe it was the cat paddle.



Do be careful if you ever try this.  One comment on the video points that that if the cat can’t get out on its own, you might end up with a freaked out and drowning cat.  Other comments worry about the cat abuse, but the cats don’t look to me as though they are very reluctant.  And it’s right to worry about the cats falling into pools.

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat does the cat paddle.

  1. I’m a big fan of this blog. I agree with many of the views expressed here, and I think your work is important. I frequently send links to your posts to many of my friends and family (this doesn’t always work, but I know some people sometimes follow them). So, I’m basically emphasising that I’m a sympathetic blog reader.

    Whilst I very much enjoy ‘The Sunday Cat’, I worry that it doesn’t do the credibility of this blog any good – in fact, that it may be doing positive harm. It invokes a stereotype that I fear will make it easier for hostile or unsympathetic readers to discredit, discount or ignore your important posts. That stereotype is the Crazy Cat Lady. I doubt I need to explain or describe it in any more detail. As it happens, I’m one of those who fits the stereotype, so I have direct experience of the way it can diminish people’s respect for you (I even hear these wisecracks from well-meaning friends from time to time).

    I’d also like to emphasise that I have a sense of humour, and that I think occasional levity on an otherwise serious and socially significant blog is a good thing. But I wonder if you couldn’t find another source of levity that doesn’t have such potentially destructive connotations in the minds of the sexist and the ignorant (people whose minds you’d presumably like to change…)?

    I’m no philosopher, so it could be I’m missing something obvious here. Forgive me if so. (Perhaps you want to avoid pandering to others’ prejudices, which I’d understand? Still, bulls and red rags come to mind). Just a thought, albeit one not up to the usual standard of this excellent blog.

    Thanks for all your amazing work.

  2. CCL, thank you for your comments and their friendly warning. I’ll certainly discuss this with jender and hopefully others. Anyone reading this who would like to join in is absolutely welcome to do so.

    In advance of discussing it, let me say that I think I understand your worry and to some extent share it. At the same time, I am a great fan of trying to appropriate the negative images of women in our culture and defusing them. There are many, many images and/or stereotypes of women which offer people a reason for dismissing us. That’s extremely unfortunate, bad, intolerable, etc.

    I have myself assumed that most of us on this blog are pretty aware of the fact that having a cat feature might be thought by some to be a reason for taking our work less seriously AND that we are mostly very impatient with such approaches. But you have made me realize that might well be a topic for discussion.

    Please, readers, join in if you have ideas on this topic.

  3. I guess I tend to feel OK about it in part because weekly animal features seem (who knows why) to be a common theme in political blogs that I read, and not just feminist ones or ones by women. (Though some of them feature mostly or exclusively weekly photos of the blogger’s own pet.) Given that context, there’s nothing all that unusual about what we’re doing. And I know some readers of ours are very enthusiastic fans of Sunday cats. But please, do let us know what you think!

  4. I’d have to say I appreciate your cat enthusiasm and I don’t think it diminishes your credibility as a political/philosophical blogger tho’ the ‘crazy cat lady’ stereotype referred to above likely holds for some folks.

    Turkish Vans, by the way, like water as a breed, and are great swimmers aside from being sizable cats!

  5. jj, i admit i shared/share CCL’s worry. but i’m so fond of sunday cat that i’m loathe to voice the concern at all. it’s just such a standard feminist stereotype; i think it comes right after hairy armpits. i suppose the question is, what’s the purpose of the blog? who’s it for? we might say ‘screw the eejits who can’t think beyond armpit grooming, this is about giving feminists a safe place to discuss ideas’ and just enjoy our fabulous sunday cats.

  6. Damn good point, lp. The sort of people who are in thrall to these stereotypes are not who we’re writing for.

  7. yes… it could also have the positive effect of showing that you’re *not* a ‘crazy cat lady’ since you write many intelligent and thoughtful / analytical posts. Kind of like how many black people turned ‘nigger’ around to be a positive phrase. And how some women use ‘bitch’ in a good way… and how some lesbians use the word ‘dyke’.
    That’s how I feel about the cats thing at least.

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