4 thoughts on “Gender Theory: It Upsets the Pope

  1. I’ve been thinking recently of the (somewhat) Catholic-inspired (I think) scholarship on human dignity. Or should I say the branch of scholarship on dignity that is Catholic inspired. Anyway, does anyone know of any philosophers/feminists/etc. have worked up a good argument on how organised religion is harmful and/or detracts from and/or undermines human dignity (which I have deliberately omitted to define)? Just curious. And on this post, since Mr. Pope came out with this latest appeal to “the order set down by creation” I have been struck all over again by how wonderfully useful this “order of creation” has been on so many issues for the RC church over the years, from contraception to abortion to oppression of women (and other groups of course) and the parallel domination by men in, e.g., church hierarchy etc. If the church likes it, it’s all part of the order set down by creation (which includes wearing funny hats and gowns), if the church doesn’t like it, it’s not. Such a rigorous basis for a moral order to be sure. And they like to call people like me relativists. Hrumph.

  2. Mary Daley is a good example of women who have challenged the Church and been excommunicated. Her books are full of very revealing information about the tyranny of how the church on the one hand has elevated “Mary” as the pure, worship-worthy female and all the other unreal and double standards practiced for centuries.

  3. I don’t get this “order of creation” stuff at all, isn’t that just saying that thing are right because they are natural?
    Doesn’t that also mean that homosexuality is fine, because it is obviously something that has been created (since it is so common in other animals too, and all that). I am too daft for this!

  4. Whatever their worldview is, is right. Consistency doesn’t come into the picture. Neither does the Bible matter too, apparently. Otherwise we’d have many areas of physics banned.

    Neither is the Catholic worldview ALL interpretation. It is SOME interpretation, SOME literally taken to be true, and some, (cough cough) wrong (cough cough).

    The pope gets to choose what falls under which of the three categories.

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