Sunday cats: combating stereotypes edition

Some have worried that our Sunday cats reinforced stereotypes about “crazy cat ladies”. The Jender-Parents sent in some contributions of cats that are tougher to slot into that stereotype. amazing-white-tiger-under-water5 And to anyone who is put off by it, we say “Grr”. (By the way, we do still worry a bit about the concerns that were raised, and we’re still mulling them over.)

11 thoughts on “Sunday cats: combating stereotypes edition

  1. (i was going to make some sort of vicious cat lady joke. but i drew a blank, so in awe was i of the teeth!)

  2. We have 11 cats (all rescue, all indoor) (and three dogs, all rescue, living outside in pen around two-car dog house). I remember when we ended up with some rescue dogs, people were relieved! I love cats pics and vids (“the internet: for porn and pictures of cats”!). I vote for moar cats!

  3. Hi, your blog is nice, i have a hompage about cats and kitten in germany, top on the left, is a botton “english” there you can read it in english.

    Cats (Tiger) in water… is cool!

  4. Hi, you have a nice blog. I also have a page about animals which, although in Germany but the top left is a menu English but also you can read everything in english. Greetings from Germany :-)

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