The Sunday Cat takes a break

Doesn’t that make sense?  Maybe especially if they’re already in a NY Resolution?

But if you want to read a frightening article about what might be responsible for our recently discussed crazy cat ladies, do be my guest.  Given philosophers can entertain unusual ideas, you might be able to take  the opening lines of the article:

Here’s a little-known and slightly terrifying fact: According to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 60 million people in the United States are infected with a parasite that may migrate into their brains and alter their behavior in a way that — among other things — may leave them more likely to be eaten by cats. New research into this common parasite — Toxoplasma gondii — may offer clues to the phenomenon known to the unscientifically-minded as “crazy cat lady” syndrome.

In my book, that’s enough!

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat takes a break

  1. i’m going to pretend like this sunday never happened. i’m going to hum the theme to the loan ranger until i forget what i’ve just read about parasites in the brain (ew ew ew), and then i’m going to watch last week’s cat.

  2. I was quite worried there for awhile until I read the article and relaxed. Fortunately (or not), I have not yet become immune to the smell of cat urine (which happens, reportedly, once your brain has been colonized by the parasite).

  3. oh great. i’m going to panic every time i get a stuffy nose from now on. i should’ve kept my big mouth shut about the sunday cat.

  4. Hmmm. I get the feeling this post didn’t really work. I can see a new addition to our policy…

  5. (i’m mostly joking. it’s actually quite interesting that there might be a biological explanation for crazy cat ladies. but i am also a wee little bit icked out. and i’m feeling deprived, even tho it’s not fair since we got an extra cat for new year’s. (he’s very pretty, btw!))

  6. lp, I certainly hoped you were joking, at least quite a bit. You have given me an idea for a Sunday cat project.

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