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lp’s remark on last Sunday’s non-Sunday cat – the one about her new kitty – lead me to the realization that it would be great to know about others’ cats, or at least see pictures of them.  So please send me a photo of your cat(s) to be used for one of our Sunday Cat features.  We can do little titles, so yours and the cats’ names can be included.

I’d like them by 6 pm London time on the 12th  of January.  And I’ll see what I can do.  Please don’t send more than 1 for our first try. 

They should go to:

If you feel your dog or other kind of pet  is an honorary cat, we could have a section for them.  Perhaps they could be Tuesday cats.

3 thoughts on “Cat sharing

  1. i’m like the crazy cat lady version of a woman who pretends to be pregnant! ack! i don’t have a new kitty, tho jender read me as saying i did, as well; so i must’ve been unclear in a very specific way. i meant to refer to the photos of basil that jj posted on the 2nd: since we got the lovely basil photos on the 2nd, i wasn’t really warranted in complaining that we got no cat on sunday.

    but i’ll still send a photo of my old cat, of course!

  2. O, I’m sorry you don’t have a new kitty. Thank you for your nice comment about Basil’s looks, then.

    As I told Jender in an email, Basil managed yesterday to defeat me utterly. It turns out that he can unzip any cat carrier we have. This led to merry little chases up and down corridors and a 50 mile drive with a completely uncivilized creature roaming around, at least until he got in my lap and eventually vomited all over me. I’ll leave out his escape attempts when we stopped for gas/petrol, but he clearly felt the call of the wild, where indeed he was living for most of his life. I have an awful feeling he may be smarter than I am.

    All this was to get the other cat to the vet, who then decided that they should both have pills. At least she felt bad about condemning us to getting pills down two cats for a week. The immediate reaction of the other one, Rosemary, was her standard protest, which was aimed at Mr.jj and furniture.

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