Happy New Year, and have a Presidential Medal

Sheesh, I take one semester off while I have a truly terrible transition from sabbatical, and miss so much on this blog.  Time to jump back in by egging my British colleagues to weigh in on Tony Blair’s being awarded the U.S.’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by my own outgoing president, “for especially meritorious contributions to security or the national interests of the United States, world peace or cultural or other significant public or private endeavours.”  Don’t tell me you don’t think he deserves it?

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year, and have a Presidential Medal

  1. I’m not British but I am Australian and Bush is throwing one of those medals at our ex Prime Minister, LIttle Johnny… ooops I mean John Winston Howard…

    And believe me, the little man surely does NOT deserve it. Unless of course they changed the criteria for receiving one to being a class A brown noser to the US president…

  2. Changed, bri? I think Blair and Howard fit in very nicely with other Bush has given such awards to.

  3. Profbigk, so sorry to hear about the terrible transition.

    Perhaps we could think of the award as indexed to the president? So sometimes it is valueless?

  4. he did contribute to american national security, and he did so at the expense of his own citizens’ interests. so, the least bush could do is give him a silly medal. god knows the british public wouldn’t do as much. (unless you count a swift kick in the arse as ‘as much’ as a presidential medal of freedom…which you might do…)

  5. If George W Bush is giving Tony Blair an award it is because they are in the same boat. . . warmongers not peaceniks. . . .they are two of a kind. George W has gotten away with murder since being elected president of the United States of America. . . and so many other presidents before him. They are the ones on the top of the heap and no little of what goes on with the common human in our country. I say human because up until now we’ve said “man” when referring to all human beings. Man has gotten us into a whole heap of trouble here ~ I think women need to step up to the plate. The Divine Woman in all of US!!!!!!!
    Peace and Love to All,
    Katy O’Leary, San Francisco, CA

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