Isn’t that cute?

Little kiddies taking the  slightly bigger sister with them as they elope to Africa to get married and sit in the sun.  Ages?  5, 6 and 7.  Two things stuck me about the story:

1.  The whole narrative is permeated by adult perspectives which the children have somewhat assimilated.  And to a worrying extent.  Thus the Guardian says:

It is a dream that has been shared by lovers across the centuries – the chance to elope to exotic lands. But few would have been as bold and spontaneous as six-year-old Mika and his five-year-old sweetheart Anna-Bell who, after mulling over their options in secret, packed their suitcases on New Year’s Eve and set off from the German city of Hanover to tie the knot under the heat of the African sun.




2.  The stunning lack of knowledge the kids have.  If you are working on concepts, it’s an interesting example of how our ascription of language can outstrip what we might count as understanding.

Of course, there is also the pink, with trim, etc.  Not a chance the little child in funereal clothing is one of the  girls.

One thought on “Isn’t that cute?

  1. This story should’ve been put on the front page of every freakin newspaper in the world – for a change, something so beautifully heart-warming.

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