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  1. Well, he’s clearly more feminist than Bush and less feminist than the ideal feminist president of our dreams. But it’s not totally clear yet where in between he falls. However, the mere fact that Ms would do such a cover indicates what a vast improvement we’ve got on our hands. Will we disagree with some of his decisions? Undoubtedly. But will he make big improvements with regard to feminist issues? Also undoubtedly.

  2. It’s worth considering Ms’s explanation:

    In choosing the cover for this special Inaugural issue, Ms. wanted to capture both the national and feminist mood of high expectations and hope as the 44th President of the United States takes the oath of office.
    Expectations have only grown since the election, with President-Elect Obama now enjoying over 80% of the public’s support. Most people wish him well, and indeed hope he does “save” us from economic disasters, unending war and occupation, global warming, the decline in our international reputation, and relentless attacks on women’s rights, civil rights, human rights, science, privacy…the list goes on.
    When the chair of the Feminist Majority Foundation board, Peg Yorkin, and I met Barack Obama, he immediately offered “I am a feminist.” And better yet, he ran on the strongest platform for women’s rights of any major party in American history.

    There’s more and it’s worth reading.

  3. The “saver” of the US has arrived. Lets see if he can do some “miracles” in the next 4 years. Very high expectation indeed. Remember resentments derived from unmet expectations.

  4. hey jender, can you buy Ms. in uk? (i know i lose cred for not knowing the answer to that. what can i say.) i want a copy of this. it might make me feel better again about obama.

  5. it is a bit upsetting that he now decided to delay the closing of guantanamo.

    @lp: ms ships internationally but i haven’t seen it in any store. same goes for bitch-mag (and it does takes ages to arrive in the uk…)

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