14 thoughts on “Sunday cats visit feminist philosophers

  1. I’d love it if the spacing were due to some aesthetic decision (much as that might count against my taste), but, sadly, I watched quite passively as the pictures arranged themselves.

    Next time, read instructions. O sure.

  2. the beautiful relaxed picture of stephanie and roosevelt epitomizes for me the trust that exists between cats and their people. This is why I’ve always loved them and why they hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for that!

  3. Hi Sally,
    I completely agree.
    When the call for cats first went it, it ended “If you feel your dog or other kind of pet is an honorary cat, we could have a section for them. Perhaps they could be Tuesday cats.” Being an honorary cat might not be too attractive, though better perhaps than just “other.”
    Maybe if I manage to figure out how to post pictures in some controlled way, we could have a post celebrating the diversity of philosophers’ non-human companions.

  4. I agree! We’ve actually urged those on the FP staff (ha!) with non-cat companions to start doing some non-cat posts on Sundays, but nobody’s taken us up on it. I do think ‘honorary cat’ is the wrong name. Why not have a Sunday dogs? And I think the post is lovely, so no need for more ‘control’.

  5. There was one raccoon Sunday. And I think a baby leopard one too, though maybe that isn’t exactly an exception.

    Thanks, Jender, for the nice comment on the post’s look; the cats would probably look terrific in any arrangement. Trying to include a number of pictures can be a bit fraught, though. When I started the second and following pictures tended to merge. I almost read the instructions.

  6. madhu e durga (blue point) will be honoured to be in such fine company as soon as they wake up…thanks jj y jender!

  7. You know there is a new book out “What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Cat.” Might be worth a look. There isn’t anything in there that is particularly feminist. Might be a topic for a 2nd edition (Crazy Cat Ladies). Some friends have told me the book’s title ought to have been “What Your Cat Can Tell You about Philosophy.”

  8. kbw, the picture, with all its lush curves, is so beautiful; it reminded me of Mary Cassatt’s work, though the closest ones I could find were her mother and child pictures.

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