At long last…

I started a list of all the ways to complete the sentence, but all of them seemed totally inadequate. And I imagine we all have our own favourite completions, ranging from the angrily prosaic (we have a President who was ELECTED) to the more idealistic. Feel free to put your favourite completions in comments. But do take a moment to enjoy.

At long last. (Thanks, lp.)

5 thoughts on “At long last…

  1. I’m hopeful that African Americans will be seen as part of mainstream culture even if they are not in sports or entertainment.

  2. at long last, I have a sparkle of hope for the US turning into a country of which I don’t have to despise the foreign policies of.
    One of Obama’s first actions was towards the ending of Guantanamo Bay. I was moved. Go, Barack, go. Make us all proud.
    And no, I am not an american. I am Dutch.

  3. We have a president who doesn’t classify everyone and everything as Good or Evil and think it’s a virtue to do so.

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