4 thoughts on “Sunday cats at the house on the kings

  1. AMAZING! I have so many ‘practical’ questions:

    how does she keep the dogs out of the cat food (my dogs love cat food, but it’s very fattening for them)?

    is it all fenced in to keep less friendly dogs out?

    does she have some way of getting the feral cats to the vet once in awhile? (I keep trying, but they are very, very quick).

    would this work in PA where I live and it gets cold in the winter?

    Finally: how can I become this wonderful person?

  2. another question – can I pitch a tent in the yard and visit? I promise to leave the zipper open….

  3. What j said!
    hehe I bet that lady could make some money with renting out some cabins on the grounds.

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