“Top One Hundred Gender Studies Blogs” UPDATED

Update:  There are some really good blogs on the list but, as alert commentators have pointed out, there are some very negative features.  Thanks to those who are uncovering the problems.


Well, who knows how good any of these lists are, but this one has some interesting entries.  People in the dark about feminism might find some light with #19. 

Of course, #23,  which is FP, doesn’t need describing here.

I’m glad we’re in the company of the blogs on the list that I know, but there are plenty I can’t vouch for.  I expect readers will quickly know whether they want to return.

8 thoughts on ““Top One Hundred Gender Studies Blogs” UPDATED

  1. The list is a bit dodgy in their descriptions, though. They link to an MTF and describe her as a “transgendered man.” As well, they link to Warren Throckmorton without noting that he is not just a college psychology professor, but professor at Grove City College (very conservative Christian school) and who counsels gays and lesbians in order to become “ex-gay.”

    So, good list, but don’t trust the characterizations.

  2. “I Blame the Patriarchy: Here you’ll find gender issues explored from a distinctly anti-male, pro-feminist point of view.”



  3. I guess my point is that any list that misrepresents a blog so severely oughtn’t be trusted. Goodness me.

  4. Yeah, Twisty did a characteristically amazing take-down of the list at iblamethepatriarchy, on both feminist and anti-capitalist grounds. (Though I believe that she might say, that according to the Twisty Weltanschaung, that these are not so easily distinguishable).

  5. Yikes, so i didn’t really vet it. Should we take this post down?

    In any case, I’ll post a warning.

  6. Having given it a second glance I find the masculinity’s studies section to be suspect as well. Looking at the title of the host of the list, Learn-Gasm, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Cripes.

  7. I went over to “I blame the patriarchy.” At least the list developers didn’t contact us, so mentioning the list was not a response to an advertising ploy, sigh. I was my own idea. :(

    Still, we’re in some good company.

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