Family Planning Provisions Stripped from Bill

It’s been confirmed by that family planning provisions are indeed being stripped from the stimulus bill. Obama’s people say that he still supports them, but wants them put in a different bill. Planned Parenthood insists they should be in this bill, because they are urgently needed and because they will save states money. If you agree with Planned Parenthood, go here to take action.

5 thoughts on “Family Planning Provisions Stripped from Bill

  1. i’ve just woken up and had a look at bbc online, and they’re reporting that the bill has passed ‘without republican support’. so, *i*don’t*get*it*. why did they have to axe the family planning provision?!

  2. what a let-down. okay let’s put a positive spin on it: some republicans (apparently) have accused obama of trying to bring his universal healthcare plans in by the back door piece by piece, starting with this provision. maybe obama–high-minded big dreamer that he is–has said ‘i don’t want to be open to that charge. i want the american people to feel like everything’s on the level. so i’ll cut the family planning provision from this bill, and instead introduce a comprehensive healthcare bill asap’. yes. i feel better now. surely this is what’s going on!

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