3 thoughts on “Glory Be!

  1. Wow– what an amazing thing to see! Can there really be only 4 solidly red states?? I do wonder a bit about the map, though:for example, is Ohio actually *solidly* blue? I remember quite a bit of uncertainty about which way it was going to go. Perhaps this reflects the current Obamamania/honeymoon period?

  2. Hate has stopped selling?
    As some people have pointed out (check out the link), the coalition is new and loose.
    There has been a charge floating around that the Republican strategy have been – not always covertly – racist. The targeted liberals, for example, are typically supporters of civil rights, welfare moms, etc. If that’s on the right track, then there could be a sea change if the country becomes less racist.

  3. this is the first time in my lifetime (to my knowledge?) that my state hasn’t been solidly red. it’s so bizarre to see, i actually can’t quite manage to trust this map.

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