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Glory Be! January 29, 2009

Filed under: politics — annejjacobson @ 7:28 pm

Even my state is no longer red!


Released by Gallup Jan. 28, 2009:



3 Responses to “Glory Be!”

  1. Jender Says:

    Wow– what an amazing thing to see! Can there really be only 4 solidly red states?? I do wonder a bit about the map, though:for example, is Ohio actually *solidly* blue? I remember quite a bit of uncertainty about which way it was going to go. Perhaps this reflects the current Obamamania/honeymoon period?

  2. jj Says:

    Hate has stopped selling?
    As some people have pointed out (check out the link), the coalition is new and loose.
    There has been a charge floating around that the Republican strategy have been – not always covertly – racist. The targeted liberals, for example, are typically supporters of civil rights, welfare moms, etc. If that’s on the right track, then there could be a sea change if the country becomes less racist.

  3. lp Says:

    this is the first time in my lifetime (to my knowledge?) that my state hasn’t been solidly red. it’s so bizarre to see, i actually can’t quite manage to trust this map.

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