8 thoughts on “Marie Stopes would have loved it.

  1. i thought this was hilarious when i first saw it. it was someone’s entry in a competition on a vegetarian site for ‘snarkiest reply to “where do you get your protein”‘. funny, right? brilliant! but then this morning…it was really difficult to choke down my porridge. ew ew ew ew. i sort of wish i never saw it.

  2. Following up on Hannah’s suggestion about FP on Facebook, it would also be helpful and cool if there could be a place somewhere for “Ask the Feminist Philosophers.” I have a feminist philosophy question at the moment and no good place to ask it, and I’m sure someone in this community of posters and readers must know the answer.

  3. lga– i’m not sure how to do what you’re talking about here. however, you can certainly send a question via our ‘contact’ category, and we will try to post it (though no guarantees, just because a lot of things come in and we don’t always have time to get to them). another good way to ask your question, though, would be to join the excellent swip-l list (for us swip), and ask it there.

  4. lp, I’m with you. Maybe I should sneak on and down size the pic. Shhhh. Don’t want Jender to know.

  5. My 16 year old son thought it was a great idea. However, he has to buy the book on his own dime.

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