UK set for blizzard conditions!?! And bushfires in Australia!

So says the Guardian.  And there’s no moaning and groaning from all the UK citizens on this blog!  Are you all just enjoying days off and playing in the snow?  What’s happening?  It’s hard to believe it continues to be fun, unless you are under 16.

Do we have readers in Victoria?  The google map of the bush fires in Australia is frightening.  Are the  fires affecting readers?

15 thoughts on “UK set for blizzard conditions!?! And bushfires in Australia!

  1. we’re just getting rain at this point in london. my son’s snowman’s head finally tumbled off yesterday afternoon :(. the snow was loads of fun while it lasted, tho. i don’t know about anyone else, but i thoroughly enjoyed the snow.

  2. Hi lp, seconded!
    though the sad sight of slowly melting snowmen is really getting to me now.
    alas – insufficient hills where I am for decent sledging!

  3. I alternate between being frustrated that I can’t get any work done because I can’t take Jender-Son to nursery and being rather pleased about having to spend the day playing in the snow. Though now the excitement is taking its toll and Jender-Son is spectacularly cranky, which makes it much less fun.

    Must check up on Stoat’s activities…

  4. great stoaty action! yup, sure do love the snow – been skittering around in it all week.

    ‘beserk’? ‘gleeful’!

  5. Thanks, nfah. Any news from there has got to be pretty bad, I suppose.

    And thanks, stoat. It could certainly be improved on or surpassed! That’s an invitation…

  6. I am in Victoria. There have been fires about 40km from where I live but we are quite safe.

    I am going to be doing some counselling with those affected by the fires this week via the Gippsland Fire Relief fund.

    So far there are 170 + dead, 750 + homes gone, at least 2 town wiped off the map, over 30 fires still burning, 330000 hectares of land burned and more extreme weather conditions coming in a few days…

    It is horrible.

  7. I heard a news report of a 60 mile wall of fire travelling at 50 mph. It sounds just devastating and very frightening.
    hope you stay safe bri.

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