“Deal Struck on $789 Billion Stimulus”

It is wonderful that Obama has got his bill on his schedule!  But…

And here’s the compromise:

The package will pare back Democrats’ proposed spending on education and health in favor of tax cuts needed to win Republican votes in the Senate.

Are the votes worth that?  I thought they had the votes needed even if the Republicans voted against it.

Who won this election?  Maybe when I read the details, I won’t feel so ill.  Of course, these are the people who’ve decided not to hold Bush and Cheney responsible under the law for what are arguably high crimes and misdemeanors, so I’m not wildly optimistic.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on ““Deal Struck on $789 Billion Stimulus”

  1. In fact, according to a quick read of the NY Times, the dems did need 3 republican votes, which were bought, some would say, at quite a cost.

  2. What is amazing is the spin everyone in the “news” media seems to put on issues so that the issue is portrayed in a manner that supports “their” position.

    I’d love to see actual news that delivers facts to the people rather than opinion pieces that are crafted to “buy” the opinion of the viewer. Why is it the media seems to not think we can make a good decision based on actual facts?

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