LGBT faculty and APA job adverts: correction

(Thanks to CF for the reference.)

There’s a discussion going on over at Leiter’s blog on whether institutions that require an “ethics pledge” from new faculty should be allowed to advertise in the JforP.  The pledges in question have the faculty foreswear homosexual sex.  There are several interesting issues being raised, some overt and some less overt.  They may be able to use some help from feminists.

Among the issues are the following:

  • Should  religious organizations be allowed/excused for requiring faculty to foreswear  behavior that is against their creed?  Does homosexual behavior fall under any such category?
  • Are there few homosexuals  in philosophy?  Is that true for men?  For women?  What about trans philosophers?
  • If the philosophy profession is gay unfriendly, why doesn’t discussion of that fact lead to any discussion of how the profession could change?  (Note:  someone might have raised this by now, but I didn’t see any such discussion when I last read it.)
  • Why hasn’t anyone mentioned trans philosophers? 

correction:  After looking back at the discussion on Leiter’s blog, I’ve removed one question which was too easily answered.