Feminist Philosophers’ First… Sunday Stoat!

What have we been up to in the snow, you asked?

(thanks to Heg and lp!):

But they’re not just cure furry things: quite formidable creatures, in fact, as this video attests!

Not for the queasy, but here’s some more amazing stoat action: frolicking, sniffing the lovely fresh air, chewing on hare  (warning: it does get gory around the 2.30 – 4minute mark!), affectionate play with pals…

2 thoughts on “Feminist Philosophers’ First… Sunday Stoat!

  1. i quit watching when the bunny appeared. couldn’t take it. but thanks for the sunday stoat! v amusing.

  2. I was afraid a rabbit was going to show up in the seond, so I didn’t watch it all.

    The first is simply brilliant!

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