Keeping yourself safe online

The issue of safety online has been brought to our attention by some of our readers recently. As you no doubt know, we prefer to blog anonymously so that what we say here doesn’t attract unwelcome attention our real life selves. But I recently came across this useful post which has more detailed information about how to keep oneself safe online.

4 thoughts on “Keeping yourself safe online

  1. I am struggling with this… To me, the dangers of the Internet seem more like the dangers of rape by a stranger. Yes, it happens, but we’re far more likely to be raped by someone we know. Of course, I try to be careful and protect my privacy but setting up IP blockers and all the other stuff mentioned in the article seems overkill. Am I missing something?

  2. Not necessarily. I don’t do all that stuff. But I thought it was useful info for those who get more hassle.

  3. I don’t think you’re missing anything Rachel, I just think it’s important to educate ourselves about what’s possible and also what information we give up every time we surf.

    If people with mental health or addiction issues, for example, are blogging about their recovery it’s important they know what information is available online about them so when they apply for a job they know what their potential employer can find out.

    Or if we’re leaving comments in a forum full of Internet trolls, it’s important we don’t leave behind information that can be used to hurt us or the people around us. I know from following some blogs about feminist issues the comment threads can be full of trolls, almost as full as some blog threads about mental health issues. And, as proven just recently on a large mental health blog, people can be outed quite viciously.

    The point of my little Internet privacy primer was more to educate people on what’s possible than what’s probable, and to let them know what they can do depending on how likely they see a threat.

    Thanks for the link, Feminist Philosophers (Jender?). I think I have one for you… this is “Slap Upside The Head”, it’s one of the best GLBT Blogs in Canada:

  4. Hello there Gabriel,

    Thanks for popping by. I’ve added Slap Upside the Head to our blogroll – cheers!

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