Send Out the Clowns!

We’ve had a nice (and informative!) discussion about sex education in Britain this week. But as is so often true, all roads lead back to the clown. You might remember the previous post that was devoted to Derek Dye, the abstinence-only clown. As you’ll recall, Derek juggles machetes, tells Ohio schoolchildren that premarital sex will make attainment of their dreams impossible, and has received US federal funding to the tune of $800,000.

To date, $1.5 billion of federal funding has gone to abstinence-only “education” like that from Derek.

The Obama administration is currently hammering out a budget for fiscal year 2010, and pressure is mounting for him to drop funding for abstinence-only education. Apparently Derek Dye is running scared. Let’s help chase the clown out. (It’s an inarticulate way to put it, I know. But I sort of dislike clowns in general, so I like the mental image of an angry mob chasing the clown out of town with torches and pitchforks.) Follow this link to send an email to President Obama, encouraging him to ‘zero out’ federal funding for abstinence-only programs. Like a metaphorical hormonal/barrier method double-up, you can also increase your (your children’s) protection against uninformative clowns by writing both to Obama, and to your congressperson.