Is that cartoon racist? Yes.

That’s the one showing the police standing over the dead chimp and remarking about how someone else is going to have to write the next stimulus bill.

We mentioned Harvard’s videos from the Project on Law and the Mind before, along with Jennifer Eberhardt’s 3 on racism.  They have helpfully put her talk on the black-ape association up separately.  Here it is:

  That should answer the question of whether it is insight or paranoia that is behind the charges of racism.

The cartoon does employ a racial stereotype and to that extent it is definitely racist.

One thought on “Is that cartoon racist? Yes.

  1. How exactly is Eberhardt’s study supposed to show that the test subjects are implicitly racist? Isn’t one fairly obvious alternative explanation simply that black people really do, to an extent, look like apes? After all, there is presumably a reason that racist depictions of blacks have compared them to apes as opposed to puffins or polar bears.

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