Sexuality Studies targeted.

From wmst-l (which I highly recommend, by the way):

Lawmakers in Georgia and Florida are beginning to use ‘budget cuts’ as an
excuse for targeting programs and courses on sexuality, queer and women’s
studies. Georgia State University is being forced to testify TODAY in front
of the state senate about ‘questionable’ faculty research and course
offerings on sexuality. At Florida Atlantic University, the administration
is trying to suspend the Women’s Studies program.

Please help us by signing this petition, and forwarding this to anyone
else who may be interested in signing on. We have the support of several
hundred academics so far, we need more.

McCarthyism is alive and well in these states. Your state could be next.

2 thoughts on “Sexuality Studies targeted.

  1. Thanks for posting the petition link.

    I saw this CNN video yesterday:

    I can’t believe the terrible journalism here. They didn’t interview professors or even look at course descriptions to see what the courses actually cover. All they did was look at course titles or professors’ AOS descriptions, which included “Male prostitution” and even “Human sexuality” (gasp!). Then they interviewed students about whether they want to take these classes. Students say things like, “I could learn all about that on the internet.” Obviously, the students don’t know what’s being taught in the course if they haven’t taken it.

    The end of the story clearly implies that if legislators have a problem with these programs, they should think about cutting university budgets. Unbelievable.

  2. I recently graduated from one of the institutions in question, and this whole fiasco disgusts me. Clearly the politicians did nothing more than surf the web for some dirt on what appear to be respectable, legitimate scholars whose work, ironically, probably conforms to the values many of us share (avoiding coerced prostitution, reducing STDs, encouraging teenagers not to view oral sex as a risk- and intimacy-free activity).

    If you watch the CNN video, you’ll see a woman who says that her mom would pull her out of school if she found out about the courses in question. It kills me to think that the woman is probably right about how her mother would react! And now there are politicians legitimizing that sort of ignorance in the public eye. The specifics of the scholarship can’t be that important, since it’s un-Christian and kids can find the same smut on the internet anyway.

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