A tonic for the soul?

mwmiconforhomepageMondays with Merce** has been up for 3 or 4 weeks.   There are lots of scenes you’ll find very beautiful, if you like ‘modern’ ballet/music.  There’s also quite a bit of fairly spontaneous conversation looking at the action and discussion it from a perspective quite foreign to much in ordinary philosophical academic life.



**The blurb:

We invite you to join us in the Merce Cunningham Studio for Mondays With Merce, a series of webcasts available for free viewing.  Go behind the scenes at the Merce Cunningham Studio to see Merce teach advanced technique class and conduct rehearsals.  The episodes will also include interviews with Merce Cunningham and his associates, including current and former dancers, artists and musicians, and choreographers who have been influenced by his work.  We will also feature occasional visits by surprise guests!

The Sunday Cat Does Bengal

Warning:  You might want to turn the sound down before viewing the video!

At a cat rescue place I recently saw a cat with a large amount of bengal in him; he was labeled “tabby.”  I wondered whether the person adopting  him would be surprised.  Here’s why: