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Two women in the UK media… February 24, 2009

Filed under: bias,disability,gender — stoat @ 10:41 pm

First up, Cerie Burnell, a presenter of a children’s TV programme.  The good news: high profile and aspirational woman with disability being broadcast into children’s living rooms. A positive move for inclusive attitudes! The bad news: complaints have been lodged, by parents, who worry that the fact she only has one hand might give their children nightmares. Sigh. Hopefully her presence on the small screens of the UK’s households will help towards avoiding these kinds of attitudes in future…

Second, Gail Trimble, top contestant on university challenge. The good news: awesomely intelligent aspirational woman being broadcast into the nation’s living rooms.  The bad news: Amongst the comments about her, we find things like ‘the female Stephen Fry’ and ‘ tasty trimble’. She notes: ‘I don’t feel I would have been treated the same way were I a man.’ …



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