“Listening to Obama is like sex”

“The worst it ever is is excellent”.**

This is from Republican strategist Alex Castellanos on CNN, who says a friend of his said it.  And, of course, all of us who have been watching women politicians described inappropriately in very personal terms might well wonder whether this is a break through.  Omigod.  A guy is finally getting it.

Well, I don’t know that I can think this through, so I’ll just remark that I’m leary of celebrating automatically when Obama seems to be treated at least somewhat in the way women are.  Racism and sexism can look very similar.

What do you think?  And don’t forget Jender’s earlier post on presidential objectification.


**Is the sentiment a clue to the sex/gender of the  person speaking?

4 thoughts on ““Listening to Obama is like sex”

  1. The fundamental argument of black feminism is that racism and sexism can not located one without the other. Historically, black men and women have been constructed as hyper-sexualized. It was too often the justification of the lynching of black men and the second (or third) class citizenship (and rape) of black women. Aren’t there some interesting rumors going around about the size of black men’s members that has yet to scientifically validated? So, it’s no surprise that Obama is portrayed as such. It would be surprising if he were portrayed as chaste – as Bush was convincing put forth. Gail Bederson (as an example of several authors working from the premise) also takes this idea into study of construction of manliness: “neither sexism nor racism will be rooted out unless both sexism and racism are rooted out together.” (239 – Manliness & Civilization)

  2. KM, Thanks so much for your valuable comments. I had a look at some comments on Bederman’s work, and she sees the link with sex coming in with primitiveness, it seems. What is interesting with Obama is that connection appears broken for now, but comments about sex are certainly noticeable. Still, maybe the image of him as muslim terrorist will come back.

    I hope you don’t mind my correcting your typing of her name….

  3. The thought that the worst sex is excellent is pretty astounding. But I’m also fascinated by the (only slightly veiled) homoerotic lust for Obama that seems to keep coming up!

  4. Lol, Jender.
    I was looking through the archives for something and decided to rubberneck this old post because the title was just so darn amusing.

    Can’t say I can compare President O’s speeches to good or bad sex, for different reasons. But I’d put him up there with really good blues or ice cream. Coffee flavour, NOT the cliche.

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