The Sunday Cat watches a commercial

and feels pretty depressed in the end.  Taken at face value it is great good fun.   Ha.

Despite the pleasure  of Ethan Zuckerman’s insights into the web and cats, one little lol cat does not make the Sunday Cat contribution.  Hence, we offer the following, hesitantly.  It’s long, but don’t  miss the  vagina crawl at approximately 1:28 and all the black leather pussies** (questionable word, here bizarrely fitting – possibly) that follow at 2:20.

This is from MAC cosmetics, I guess, who seem to be putting our  a Hello Kitty line.


**In the English sense, I suppose.  I have a vivid recent memory of walking back to a friend’s house in St. Clement’s (Oxford) from Tesco’s and being  stopped by a dear elderly woman.  “Could you help me with my pussy?” she asked cheerfully.  “He’s such a naughty pussy.  He has been ever since he had that  operation, you know.   He does run up trees and won’t come down.”  Well, one is all sympathy, of course.

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat watches a commercial

  1. That use of the term ties me back to all sorts of English children’s literature, so it occupies a fond place in my verbal memory. I have an awful feeling that I recently carelessly remarked to someone that he should come up and see our new pussies. I’m going by my memory of his shocked look.

  2. Thanks!

    I love to hear what people thought of the commercial itself. Is the young woman a real life Barbie? what’s that sort of icon doing with Hello kitty? Does anyone want to offer an interpretation of the point of the fluffy red tunnel?

    The new hello kitty cosmetics come with the black motif; are those cat-like things she encounters supposed to be a turn on?

  3. Perhaps it’s about a straight white girl/woman’s timid lesbian fantasies.

  4. Thanks! Honestly, I think that’s quite possibly there; I’m glad I’m not alone in seeing that. But then what in the world is that doing in a make-up commercial? Love of other women=love of self? Love of self=rigid diets and make-up?

    Also, aren’t some of the black cats men?

  5. I think introvertica’s point is right on – if you add to those fantasies the massive-cat-headed leather- trousered folks. What to make of those?!?

    …or perhaps it is just about what really happens to you if you fall asleep in the middle of a big splodge of candyfloss! Must try to avoid that!

  6. I hadn’t noticed that some of the black cats are men. BUT, my original thought was the commercial is attempting to associate the make-up with sexual “daring” (pretty mild), with the crossing of racial lines (hardly new in my part of the world), and with sexual line-crossing (ditto). Isn’t it part of the typical corporate attempt to show how a product allegedly will transform your otherwise boring, sanitized, and uptight life?

  7. Yes! Introvertica, I get it. Using this makeup will wake up your life. In fact, the blurb on it from MAC is, “When Hello Kitty, the worlds cutest fashion muse, steps over to the wild side anything could happen and it does! ”

    Could there be a bit of suggestion that bestiality could be fun too?

  8. Stoat, I agree. Candy floss has always looked naughty and indulgent even in the olden days.

  9. I hope everyone checks out those vibrators.

    Please, dear Lord, do not let there be any Hello Kitty violent sex games. I’ll have to give my little beloved Hello Kitty stickers back.

  10. “the point of the fluffy red tunnel”.. Alice’s rabbit-hole, hello-kitty-style, no? Probably a bit more innocent if we think of it that way..

  11. Heater, nice. She is an Alice figure, following a black cat in contrast to a white rabbit. I suppose, though, we can wonder whether the original rabbit hole was so innocent really?

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