Silencing and Rape Discussions: Nancy Grace on Duke Rape Case

Discussions of silencing (e.g. Langton, Hornsby, MacKinnon) often mention how difficult it is to be properly understood when discussing rape. Usually the focus in these discussions is on systematic *mis*understanding. But here’s a great example that consists of simply not paying attention. At all. Watch as he gets called out on it.

(Thanks, Andrew, who got this from Fail Blog.)

UPDATE: Mr J is convinced this must be satire. If so, it’s good satire. Do any of you know whether it is?

Michelle Obama

She’s a seriously accomplished professional, a great public speaker, a mother, a role model for millions. But what is it that really matters? Her arms.

“The Obama effect has been that women of all ages have been inspired to take responsibility for their health and their body,” said Duggan. “As the first lady of the United States, at 44 years old, and with two young children, Mrs. Obama has shown the world that you are never too busy to take care of yourself and look good doing it too,” he said.

Thanks, Jender-Parents!

UPDATE: It gets better. The arms are a source of controversy. And polls are being taken on the topic. So glad our press is focused on the big issues.