Michelle Obama

She’s a seriously accomplished professional, a great public speaker, a mother, a role model for millions. But what is it that really matters? Her arms.

“The Obama effect has been that women of all ages have been inspired to take responsibility for their health and their body,” said Duggan. “As the first lady of the United States, at 44 years old, and with two young children, Mrs. Obama has shown the world that you are never too busy to take care of yourself and look good doing it too,” he said.

Thanks, Jender-Parents!

UPDATE: It gets better. The arms are a source of controversy. And polls are being taken on the topic. So glad our press is focused on the big issues.

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama

  1. Come on, we all know the real question is: were Michelle’s cookies better than Laura Bush’s?

  2. At least it would make more sense to have a referendum on the taste of cookies than on her sleeveless dress. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why the cookies haven’t come up. Or maybe cookies fit a different stereotype?

    People looking at this post might also want to check out Kim Matthews’ comment on this post:

    It’s going to be depressingly interesting if we find the press spends 4 years on the physicality of the Obama’s.

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