a story we can all feel good about!

The RSPCA of Sheffield, UK, is starting up a scheme to shelter the pets of people fleeing domestic abuse.

The RSPCA is offering the PetRetreat service to pet owners who find themselves living in a hostel or another place where pets are banned. Officers at Sheffield Animal Centre say needing to care for a pet can stop people leaving difficult situations. […] “Pets can be targeted in domestic abuse situations and we know that not having a safe place for a beloved animal to go can be a barrier to leaving. RSPCA PetRetreat removes that barrier. Refuges can’t take animals for health and safety reasons, which is where we come in. This service allows people to go into refuge, in the knowledge that their pets are safe. Once they’re settled in a home of their own they can be reunited.”

This is one of those stories that makes me like the humans. What a perfectly sensible idea. Full story here.

3 thoughts on “a story we can all feel good about!

  1. jj, to your assumption: yes, i *think* that the PetRetreat programme is going to work on a fostering basis–so animals will go to live with a family. (spent the day with my uber-tantrumy child, so i admit i haven’t read anything too closely today! but i think that’s what i read.) surely that means it’ll be no-kill. as to your question: i don’t actually know. this story sort of makes me want to start making donations to the RSPCA, so i think i may look into it. tho, my opinions on whether death is a harm are unsettled…eg, i’m not positive that sitting in a shelter cage for ages is nicer than having a shorter but less sorrowful life…hmm… but yes i’ll try to find out and let you know!

  2. elp, agreed about the extended life in a cage.

    I see the quote says the pets can be reunited with their families, which seems a great relief.

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