Equally Shared Parenting

A damn good idea. And now there’s even a blog about it. From their mission statement:

The number of web resources available for parents is overwhelming. There are wonderful websites for fathering, working moms, stay-at-home moms or dads, parents in general. There are rants and eloquent webzines on the problems with motherhood in American society. There are hundreds of parenting blogs. What doesn’t seem to exist, at least until now, is a website devoted to true equal sharing from a couple who practices it. In fact, if equally shared parenting is mentioned at all on most other parenting websites, it is usually in the context of its impossibility – as a utopian dream.

I haven’t had time to look at it thoroughly, but do go check it out– and let me know what you find. (Thanks, HA!)

Barbie at 50

There’s a movement on to ban her, for reasons familiar to feminist philosophers. But there are also some surprising bits of history to be found in this article… Apparently there was a genuinely feminist idea involved in Barbie’s creation, however imperfectly executed: to give girls something other than a baby doll to play with so that they would be able to play at aspirations other than motherhood. The article also mentions the famed “Math class is tough” Barbie (whose voiceboxes were swapped with some GI Joes in one of the most wonderful acts of industrial sabotage I’ve ever heard of). And one version of Skipper, Barbie’s sister, whose breasts apparently grew when you rotated her arm!! I was also unaware that there is now a Barbie for President.


I must say that I still have fond memories of the Gay Ken incident in the 1990s. I remember reading at the time that in an effort to make Ken cooler, they sent some employees off to the Village to find out what the kids were wearing– which is what led to the purple mesh vest and cock ring.


Shave-me Ken was also a bit of a high point for me.

Anyway, I thought it was at least noting the upcoming milestone for this rather important bit of pop culture. (Thanks, Jender-Parents.)