Any new fun APPS for your iphone?

How about IGIRL!?!  It’s on the list of the top 25 apps.  And look what you get for only $0.99; why, as they say below, controlling her is about as much fun as a fart.

Have your own virtual girl friend on your iphone for less than the price of a cup of coffee or a beer, and shake her around!igirl

iGirl Combines Fun and Flirtation to Offer Users a Playful App for Entertainment.

The iGirl application consists of a beautiful 3-dimensional female model that can be manipulated by the user to perform various actions, including dancing and speaking. Users can interact with iGirl on their iPhones and iPod Touches by shaking the device and touching the screen. The 3D model’s hair color, skin color and clothing can be modified to change her overall appearance.


1. Zoom and rotate the igirl with the iPhone touch screen to enjoy the iGirl from any angle or distance.

2. Use the dance icon to make the iGirl dance.

3. Shake the iPhone and see how the iGirl reacts.

4. Touch the iGirl to give her a tickle.

5. Visit the settings menu to name your iGirl and change her clothes, ethnicity and hair color.

6. IGirl is multi-lingual. Visit the settings menu to change her language!

7. New animation activated by blowing on your iPhone: The Famous Marilyn Monroe pose!

8. Ability to create your own custom voice for your igirl, visit Settings -> Language -> Custom

iGirl serves as the perfect virtual companion that you can take with you anywhere. Entertain your friends with iGirl’s unique personality and interactivity.

Recommended for fans of: Bikini Blast, iFart, iBeer, Wobble, ijiggle, mafia, iSteam, Yo Mama, and just about any fart or joke app.

She does look pretty depressed.

6 thoughts on “Any new fun APPS for your iphone?

  1. I had this app for several months and it’s really new concept for iphone. you can make some fun with iGirl at the bar with friends

  2. I’m wondering if MikeG works for the software developer or Apple; the reviews said it is extremely boring. The graphics are awful.

  3. Why doesn’t she have a belly button? And yeah “shake her around” is just… I think I’ll pass.

  4. If you like these apps, another great one is Mugshotz (also 99 cents). Turn pics of your friends (or anyone) into goofy images using pick-and-stick images like crazy mustaches, noserings, hats, and shades– there’s alsoMugshotz lite for free.


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