8 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh tries to pass as a Sunday Cat

  1. All those who, like us, detest Rush, should simply ignore him, inasmuch as he thrives professionally on attention. The more media attention he gets, the stronger and more dangerous he will become. He is a creature of the media.

    jj – you’ve ruined one of our favorite cat cartoons/songs…

  2. Especially during the past week or two, I’ve been struck by the frequent references and/or allusions to Limbaugh’s weight and size. What’s that about?

  3. That “fail” comment got me wondering, so I tuned in to listen to Limbaugh. That whole pompous deal is just a front meant to get people riled up. There’s no news in that comment. He doesn’t like The President’s ideas. No surprise there.

  4. I’ve always been troubled by the attacks which reference Limbaugh’s weight. I liked the Big Fat Idiot book but hated the title. There’s so much that’s deeply morally repugnant about him, but we’re gonna talk about his weight? I worry that this plays into very real and very bad prejudices against certain body types. (Of course– it also works as an insult, but that’s because so many of us hold these prejudices.)

  5. I think some commentators are also pointing to Limbaugh’s appearance as symbolic of his self-indulengence: the drugs, the booze, the cigars, the private jet, etc. Thus, I have read several references not to his weight, as such, but to his being ‘bloated.’

    Personally, I admit to having in my head a ‘profile’ image of a type of white male republican as ’round faced’ or ‘jowly.’ Not something I want to defend as an ethicist, of course.

  6. Jender and cstars, there apparently is a lot of discussion of RL’s weight. I have wondered if there is something about him that invites it, and cstars’ comment might pin that down.

    The “round faced” or “jowly” image is quite standard, isn’t it? I think perhaps even the game Monopoly uses it?

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