Be still my heart

The news is out:  Chuck Norris could be  our president.  Not by being president of the US, by the way.  Rather, by my state leaving the union and electing him to head what  would be the resulting country.norris

Wow!  A real grown up version of grabbing one’s toys and going home.   And right now it is rodeo time, so it is all coming together.

It’s apparently what is called independent thinking.  After all, Bush I and II both live in the state,  which has got to make the  separation easier still.

And it could be worse.  Not everyone in Texas is crazy.  At least the University of Texas Board of Regents has agreed to leave  its major minority-serving hospital and world-class medical school in Galveston – after, it has to be said, trying to get the issue debated in El Paso, Texas, which is like at the other end of a state far bigger than some European countries.   Would some other places, at least as worthy, be so lucky.

2 thoughts on “Be still my heart

  1. I suppose someone could argue that it is a bit crazy to leave an institution that needs close to one billion dollars in repairs on a small barrier island that is regularly hit by major hurricanes. In this respect, the Board of Regents has revealed itself to have a little cunning. They’ve said it should all remain in Galveston, but they are leaving it to the legislators to find the money.

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