‘Corrective rape’: a disgusting notion

The guardian reports on the appaling violence, including rape and murder, perpetrated against lesbians in South Africa, the threat of which is a daily presence for many of the women interviewed by Triangle, a South African gay rights group.

The disturbing video (from the guardian report) shows some expressions of the terrible attitudes, including the endorsement of ‘corrective rape’. And the reported inactivity of police following reports of such crimes no doubt does nothing to remedy these views.
Triangle (linked above) and 777 are campaigning for justice for these women.

7 thoughts on “‘Corrective rape’: a disgusting notion

  1. On a slightly related note…I just saw this story in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. While I know of consensual sex, what should one call “non-consensual sex,” as called in this excerpt from the story? My mind thinks of a different word.

    “Michael Philbin, the 18-year-old son of Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, was sentenced Thursday morning to 6 months in jail for having non-consensual sex with two girls that had been drinking heavily at a party he threw while his parents were out of town last summer.”

  2. This “corrective rape” attitude is incredible. Women still have a long way to go when it comes to other countries. As long as countries tolerate “macho attitudes” this will continue

  3. women have a long way to go when it comes to america and western europe, too. this problem isn’t a problem of south africa being backwards. yeah fine, maybe the laws need to catch up, but i think you could go to a lot of american towns and find the same sort of attitudes.

    the thing that astounds me is how many different misunderstandings are displayed by this ‘corrective rape’ all at once: misunderstanding of the nature of sexuality; of the nature of arousal; of the nature of rape; of the role of men and women in society; of the role of sexuality in society; and on and on. ‘i’ll rape you, and then you’ll like having sex with men’ is just so so confused. it’s like saying ‘i’ll beat you half to death with a bat and then you’ll like baseball’.

  4. Yes, and not only will you then like baseball, but you will finally understand that you are a *woman.*

    We discussed this attitude in a class of mine (as manifested in American towns!) with regard to the film “Boys Don’t Cry.” When two men find out Brandon Teena is transgendered and is “really” a woman, their immediate response is to rape hir.

  5. It is because of crimes like «corrective rape» that it seems to me that it is urgent to legalize , in so many countries as possible, marriage between persons of the same sex to show they have the same rights and so contribute to change mentalities.

  6. Apparently the idea of ‘corrective rape’ is rife in some schools in So Africa and quite like in the US and elsewhere. Maybe we should try to spread a contrasting urban myth.

    More seriously, sex education programs need to help boys see sexuality in some context other than that of power and conquest.

  7. Prove to me that this happens AND is not punished in the United States. Of course crimes of hatred occur, but the difference is that the people who commit these crimes in a developed country are generally caught and punished.

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