Subversion or Perversion?

I was looking up a friend’s home page on the web via  google.  The third entry gave me  her “RateMyProfessors” page.  And I  could rate her.  I would need to enter a class name or number, which would be pretty easy to get. 

Given women are typically given less good ratings, should we become more pro-active on these public forums?  And how about leaving something useful in the comments section, such as “most rewarding for those who work at it”?

(I do hear that some schools take the ratings seriously, by the way.  It is the sort of thing Boards of Regents can find significant.)

Note:  I was going to put up a poll asking about readers about whether they had rated themselves or others (not their professors).  Given how the results might be variably interpreted, that seems now a  bad idea.