7 thoughts on “You Know That The Eroticization of Girls Has Gone Too Far When…

  1. Sorry, but I don’t take this as erotic. I don’t know any erotic terms or slang for “yummy.” It seems to me that love can be edible – so to speak. We often say to children “I could just eat you up.” And its not meant literally – just that they are so cute that you could you just kiss them to death. Mummy’s can be that cute and lovable without being erotic. I know my fav friend mommies are – bold, intelligent, beautiful women. The shirt also has a feminine touch to the art work. So, it is possible the artist did it with an innocent intention to just be cute. Yummy and mummy do rhyme. For all i know, a grandma made the shirt. She would not be trying to make a three year erotic.

  2. km, are you american? you might not know the cultural reference for this. the british term ‘yummy mummy’ is used to refer to a woman with children who is sexually alluring. it means the same as the much-less- euphemistic american slang ‘milf’. it is definitely an eroticization.

  3. Thanks lp, I am not a native speaker, and although I am familiar with the term milf, I wasn’t familiar with this use of yummy.

  4. sure thing. i maybe should’ve explained it to being with, since there are a lot of non-british readers out there. (as well as british readers who simply haven’t had the pleasure of learning this nauseating slang.) but now i can’t help myself, and i feel the need to explain ‘milf’, in case anyone doesn’t know it. (i only learnt it recently.) ‘milf’ is apparently well-known slang in america which is an acronym for ‘mother i’d like to f***’. ew ew ew ew ew!!

  5. Yes, American. Where have i been though? I hadn’t heard of the milf either… You’d think i was off teaching in Korea holed up in my apartment writing my thesis or something… Is it possible to put an alert or flag on the product? Something like the flagging system that craigslist has?

  6. now we’ll have to ask where *i* have been, but… i must admit i don’t really know what craigslist is (other than some internet thing people mention a lot). what is their flagging system? and what would we flag with our version of it?

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