12 thoughts on “The Green Granny

  1. she’s lovely. did she peel her celery?! that’s dedication! (btw veg cottage pie loves a good blob of HP sauce in it.)

  2. elp, I’m trying to remember if HP sauce is at all spicy. Here in the borderland we might think of a peppery sauce, such as this.

  3. jj, it’s not so hot. i think it’s a little like worcestershire sauce, but i can’t remember for sure because it’s been ages since i’ve had w sauce. touch of tabasco is an excellent idea, tho. i’ll have to try it out next time i make cottage pie!

  4. Hmmm, I would say it is even healthier NOT to peel the potatoes and the celery. Less goes to waste and with potatoes the vitamins are right under the skin. But maybe this is sacrilegious when it comes to cottage pies.
    Personally, I think every vegetarian dish greatly improves with adding meat. Can’t help being such a carnivore.

  5. i agree about peeling. it tastes better with a bit of peel, even aside from the health benefits. on the meat bit, you’ve lost me, tho. i like the sentient beings. (some of them. the humans i’m not always so keen on.)

  6. I’ve never had cottage pie but I will give it a go now. She has a lot of gadgets on her counters. I am not much of a gadget girl.

  7. I agree about the peeling, though taking the spines out of the celery is interesting. Potato peel does have some not too nice chemicals, I thought, but only problematic in large quantities, as I remember.

    Neatness/messiness doesn’t seem to be the sort of thing that’s a national characteristic, but I seriously doubt that a US television show would show such a cluttered kitchen on a “life advice” program. Since I moved back to the States, my tolerance for clutter is diminishing. (My parents house had NO clutter, except for the top of my father’s dresser.) I find neatness such a burden, so I wish I could live with her kitchen, which ours is always tending towards.

  8. Is “tidy” opposed to “cluttered”? If one had most surfaces covered with little china things, it might be cluttered even if they were tidily arranged. Now I confess I originally talked about messy, so it’s my bad.

  9. no, wholly my bad I’m sure, because her kitchen is also a heck of a lot less cluttered than mine!

  10. Well, without wanting to get competitive here, I can certainly say that when we had a small child her kitchen would have completely outshone ours.

    I am now trying to cope with the effects of my pack rat tendencies on the environment I’ve lived in for 18 years. At some point it becomes a drain on one’s mental energy, I fear.

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