European Parliament outlaws ‘Miss’, ‘Mrs’

Well, no. Though that is what it says if you send this story on using ’email to a friend’. Instead, the Parliament have asked staff to use ‘Ms’ instead. Shock horror!

“Ludicrous”, one Tory MEP told the Daily Mail. “Political correctness gone mad”, he continued. Another, in the Daily Telegraph, branded it a “waste of taxpayers’ money”.

I gotta say, I kind of love the last criticism. Is there just some automatic right-wing
reflex to shout ‘waste of taxpayer’s money’ even when there’s absolutely nothing financial going on?

(Many thanks to all of those who sent this one to me!)

3 thoughts on “European Parliament outlaws ‘Miss’, ‘Mrs’

  1. Possibly the Tory MEP hasn’t looked at the practice of the UK Parliament. For reasons we need not go into, I’ve recently been reading lots of reports from select committees, and – at least so far – I haven’t come across any of the women members described as Mrs, Miss or Ms. Just the name. Quite a few of the men don’t seem to use Mr, either.

    So simple, isn’t it? As far as I know, that hasn’t cost the taxpayers anything.

    Or is the problem that without titles we won’t know whether to curtsy…?

  2. It is trivial, almost ridiculous, but in fact the language retains much of sexism : a man, bachelor or married, is allways Mr, but the woman is discriminated, is tretaed in relation to the man. It is not a question of live or of dead, but it matters.

  3. It’s ridiculous that Europe in general has not embraced this convention. As a divorced person, I am clearly not “Miss” but also do not wish to be “Mrs.-my-ex-husband” in any way, shape or form. Hoorah for the introduction of “Ms.” and why is it taking so long????

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