The Remarkable Kara Walker does spring

A piece of Kara Walker’s challenging art is featured in the NYT.  If you don’t know of her work, you might like the short piece about her from the Times.  We’ve described  her work here before, and one of our  pieces has a video about her it.  She has, among other things,  heroically survived a wide-spread condemnation of  her use of racial stereotypes, as she tries to make more explicit what’s in her and our heads.




3 thoughts on “The Remarkable Kara Walker does spring

  1. Spring is about rebirth and transformation, and I’m wondering about how much of that one read into this picture. And are the two female figures in the contained picture supposed to represent a new stage in a transition from the Old South through civil rights protests and onwards? Or is that a trivializing reading? What do you think?

  2. I saw Walker’s piece at the Whitney last year — very powerful stuff. Also the Whitney did an excellent job of curating it — they invited Skip Gates and two other cultural theorists (can’t remember who for the life of me now) to do commentary/analysis for the the walk-thru audio tour.

  3. Now I dearly wish I had done the audio tour. Still, the exhibit was, as you say, very powerful.

    The two young women/girls at the top of the painting – are they the Obama daughters? Blossoming out of slavery, the South, the struggles?

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