Culture minister’s push for equal participation in UK sport

In the UK news this weekend (bit late at getting to a computer!), this story about the poor coverage of UK sportswomen’s achievements (in swimming and cricket), and the connection between lack of positive sporting role models and women and girls’ (low) participation in grassroots sports.

On a positive note, though, its great to hear the culture secretary, Andy Burnhan, drawing attention to this, and exerting pressure on sports governing bodies to remedy this. From the report:

In this summer’s ICC World Twenty20 tournament, which will take place in June at four grounds around England, the women’s semi-finals will take place alongside the men’s.

“That’s such a strong message about equality in sport and the equality of interest in sport,” said Burnham. “There are lessons that other governing bodies could learn. We have to get rid of this thing about women’s sport being an afterthought.”

2 thoughts on “Culture minister’s push for equal participation in UK sport

  1. Bah. How about we just get rid of the gender distinction in sports period?

    The idea that gender is relevant to the skill of primary and secondary school children is absurd. And even if they don’t actually inhibit anyone at the highest levels of sports – which I doubt – I can’t imagine it would hurt anyone to let a few women try out. What’s the worst that could happen? A few teams sign better players than if they’d limited themselves to men?

  2. It’s definitely interesting to consider just what eliminating gender divisions in sports would accomplish. I suspect that, for most major sports, combining men’s and women’s leagues would simply ensure that no women make it as pro athletes.

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