8 thoughts on “Images of Prostitution

  1. tried to start reading it but became overwhelmed. might try to read it again later

  2. I read it all. Couldn’t keep looking at those pictures though.
    So glad there are actually people that care. And although I am not much of a Halleluiah christian myself (just a happy agnostic protestant), I am glad that those battered women can find a place where they can find some kind of peace with themselves without being judged.
    Thanks for this article, Monkey.

  3. Adilia – ‘this’ in the first sentence should link you to the article. The link was broken yesterday, but I’ve since mended it. It’s working for me now. Let me know if you still have problems.

  4. […] Images of Prostitution I just came across this article. Have only skimmed it so don’t know about it’s printed content, but it has some striking photographs of prostitutes in it – police photos of the same woman, but picked up at different times, so we get to see her progressing from a young woman to someone older. Pretty heartwrenching. (tags: feminism prostitution) […]

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