Some purported moral dilemmas regarding abortion

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon’s got a really excellent piece up critiquing Will Saletan’s discussion of (1) a woman who had an abortion after discovering that the embryo implanted in her was not her own and (2) the case of a company that stopped paying its surrogates. It’s beautifully argued: go read it.

4 thoughts on “Some purported moral dilemmas regarding abortion

  1. how dare she decline to gestate a fetus that implanted in her uterus against her wishes and without her knowledge for a perfect stranger just because she wants to use the womb in her abdomen for her own gestation?! how selfish of her. as if it’s *her* womb! selfish selfish woman. (wow!)

  2. AM makes such a valuable connection between anti-choice and assigning no value to women’s labor (in the broader sense of “labor”). Nine months of your life? NO BIG DEAL, if you are a woman.

  3. i once had a (male–obviously!) philosopher, after reading work of mine, argue that it’s funny to say that women ‘make’ their children (i was discussing the role of mothers as the makers of new humans; a role that, to my mind, is morally weighty), because in being pregnant, they’re not DOING ANYTHING. i think people think that being pregnant is like having something in your pocket, or something like that; something that’s totally passive and doesn’t require any extra time or effort on the part of the woman. (and frankly, i don’t think women help with this misperception. this cult of perfect mummyhood we’ve got going on these days perpetuates the myth that pregnancy is effortless, no?)

  4. elp, I think this is the first time I have had the thought: It’s too bad we are not birds.

    I mean if we sat on the eggs, men might understand better that something is indeed done. And what’s more, maybe we could get them to share.

    It would be interesting to see what the pro/anti-choice debate would look like. E.g., you mean somehow the chick in here isn’t even ours? Bloody hell! Let’s just crack the egg now!

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