No need to look young?

Let the celebrations begin.

“It’s official! Age is irrelevant… when it comes to women and beauty that is. ” No more anti-wrinkle creams, no more botox, no more airbrushing, no need to hide body parts that don’t look 15. Bring on the happy self-acceptance! Women no longer need to look young.

All we need to do– at any age– is look like this:


No problem then.

What I love about it is the idea that we’ve got past the ageism because we can now think that middle-aged women with perfect bodies and wrinkle-free faces are attractive. This is really perfectly fucked up because what it does is place *more* pressure on women while pretending to place less. Because now we all know that middle-aged women *can* look like teenagers, and it’s a pretty short step from there to the thought that they should. (An area where ‘can’ implies ‘ought’ perhaps?)

3 thoughts on “No need to look young?

  1. I know! I was kind of looking forward to become 40 and finally stop worrying about cellulite and sagging facial skin – because that’s what 40-year-olds are supposed to look like, right?

    Maybe we’re part of a generation that will just never get there: 10 years from now, Aniston and Demi are still going to look like they’re 25. We’re fucked.

  2. I don’t WANT to look like I am 20 anymore (apart from the acne, that is now almost gone…)
    I stopped dying my hair when I discovered I was getting quite some silver strands.
    And frankly, I dress better than Madonna and Britney combined. Not that that is hard.

    But it’s odd, isn’t it, this focus on youth. When you’re “old” (I read one article in experimental psychology where they categorised anyone over 35 as middle aged) you only still count when you look like you’re young.
    What happened with respect for grey hairs? (darn!)

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