The Sunday cat prepares for the pacific apa

Yikes!  It’s that time of the year again.  The  Pacific  American Philosophical Association Conference is starting on April  8th.  And despite what has been rumored, there are some distinguished feminist philosophers speaking.  For example, Sally Haslanger and Jennifer Saul are together in a session on Saturday afternoon, while Cynthia Freeland is presenting on  Thursday afternoon.  And there are certainly other  feminists speaking.  Please read the program and come and join in.

Last year the Sunday Cat present a metaphor for the conference here.  This year we have another feline presentation, though it is just a bit ambiguous.  That is, it isn’t clear whether conference attendees should regard it as a warning or as advice about what to do.   Perhaps you can decide.

6 thoughts on “The Sunday cat prepares for the pacific apa

  1. I read it as a new form of social activism and permission to act out my often repressed feelings.

  2. alpha, and cats shall lead the way.
    One of my colleagues will share with me the fact that such-and-such thing I’ve said makes him want to vomit. Perhaps I should say, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” and follow on this example.

    Hard to plan for, though.

  3. Monkey, as I am sure you know, groups can elect someone to be the repository of a lot of very bad feeling. “You make me vomit” is actually very mild, given what else has been said to me, or written about me to others.

    I’m sure there are a number of different versions of how this came to pass; it centered about my building a cogsci program, which efforts were variously interpreted, from (1) helpful and relatively selfless to (2) a self-aggrandizing attempted take-over performed in a manipulative, deceitful and harmful fashion. Or so I suppose; such diagnoses are usually arrived at without ever consulting the person in question about the interpretation of her..

    I’m extremely fortunate in having very strong support from the upper administration, who have actually made some effort to protect me, thank goodness. Someone recently told Mr. jj that they thought I am the most powerful faculty member in the university; that’s very wrong but some people think it’s true. It can be very easy to dislike such a person.

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