Just when you were wondering, Neiman Marcus has told us.  This season’s new color is PINK!

"Runway to Reality"
"Runway to Reality"
  (The caption is theirs.)  And for the  perfect pink shoes, you might try these:
Christian Louboutin $1095.00
Christian Louboutin $1095.00
  Such a  relief to have all that  settled.  And such a feminine color.  So now we know what to wear to the APA!

6 thoughts on “P*I*N*K!

  1. my son will be so excited! he’s just got a fab new pair of hot pink trainers. (alphafeminist: lol!)

  2. elp, now why do I think they didn’t cost as much as the Louboutin’s?

    alpha, I think of them as suicide shoes, though I guess they have what might be construed as some ankle support. Still, it’s clear they’d wake up an audience at the APA, and maybe most other male dominated places.

  3. Wear the shoes _and_ follow Sunday cat’s example. That would make for an interesting conference.

  4. For $1095, I would also expect the shoes to write and present my conference paper for me!

    Although I am tempted to ask for a pair of pointlessly girly high heels to celebrate my doctorate when (if) it happens.

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