Shopping Sprees Linked to Periods

BBC online reports that Professor Karen Pine will be presenting findings from her shopping study at a British Psychological Society meeting in Brighton later this week. In a nutshell, Pine found that 2/3rds of the 153 women she interviewed who were in the luteal phase of their cycles (after ovulation, before menstruation begins) had bought something on impulse [recently? ever?], with more than half spending over £25. From this, Pine concludes that impulse shopping might be caused by “surges and fluctuations in hormones which affect the part of the brain linked to emotions and inhibitory control” that happen in the luteal phase.

So, now I know why my husband randomly came home with a computer scanner: he was pre-menstrual. Oh no wait. Only girls have shopping sprees.

6 thoughts on “Shopping Sprees Linked to Periods

  1. Oh come on, in defence of your husband, we all know that we’re influenced by our partners’ hormonal levels.

    Or is that just me? If so, TMI…

  2. mr j you must be right. it appears the only thing to do to combat the unnecessary computer equipment is to join quiverfull, thus obliterating my monthly cycle.

  3. good point j. it would have the added benefit that i’d experience menopause, thus–as jj points out–excluding the possibility that i myself would go on a spree.

  4. I am happy with the idea that post menopausal women don’t go on shopping sprees. I’d rather think of myself as embarking on shopping extravaganzas. More befitting one’s stature as the matriarch, don’t you know.

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