A Question

Let’s imagine a meeting. Convening the meeting is what we can think of as a standard white male administrator type.   He  might be a bank manager, a (real) estate agent or a dean.  Perhaps he is even a senator or the chancellor.  We’ll further suppose the two  other people are unremarkable white people, perhaps two university professors, one woman and one man.  The question is:  will the administrator address his remarks equally to the two or not.  

Since this is a question about whether gender, we’ll hold race a constant.  From everything I’ve read, I’d expect Hispanics or African Americans to fare worse against a white man, unless they are famous in some way.  (If you think this is wrong, please let us know.)

I’m not sure what would happen with someone whose appearance does not conform to standard gender expectations.  Would they be ignored?  Receive uncomfortable attention?  If anyone does have a hypothesis and wants to suggest a poll in comments, that would be terrific.

One important fact is that there is some evidence men and women experience these situations quite differently and may report them differently.  So I’m going to ask you to answer according to your gender, if you identify with either of these two. 





Thanks for taking the time!