9 thoughts on “Henri has been around for a while, but continues to delight.

  1. Superb!
    I wonder if this cat has been doing too much continental philosophy. Wouldn’t an analytical cat at least have figured out the spider problem?

  2. Which, I hasten to add, does not mean that the analytical cat is superior in any meaningful way. I mean, would we want cats to hang out with spiders?

  3. But if they’d read Hume, which surely they have, they’ve got the constant conjunction thing down. I mean, they aren’t waundering around wondering why bugs stepped on don’t last.

    It is true, however, that I was quite wrong to suggest it might lead to some effective action. Nor should one generalize from their getting it with bugs to their getting, e.g., the relationship between hostility to women and the dearth of women in the profession. Of course, that’s a really hard one.

  4. The issue is willingness to apply expertise to relationships. S knows that P, as long as S is an upper class white male human and P is something crucial like “the cat is on the mat.” Where is Lorraine Code when we need her? Henri knows he needs a friend.

  5. Interesting, alphafeminist, the fact that he wants to be friends with spiders but keeps killing them might then be evidence that he is an analytic philosopher after all. If they were just spiders…
    And he probably is quite good at knowing about mats and things being on them.

  6. Henri needs to learn better French pronunciation!!! Oï! That could also help the continental approach to spiders… Maybe it is a language-cognition issue?

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